We proceed the fundamental study for development of novel electronics materials and determining the expression mechanism of its massive physicality having the laser molecular beam epitaxy, the laser MBE method, that enable to control a crystalline structure at the atomic level.Recently, with the special keyword of ‘fluctuation’ which is typical in living organisms, we focus on determining the low dimensionality in the oxide artificial lattice system and the mutual interdependence between fluctuation and physicality and researching device of a photonic spin device, a synaptically-combined memory or others.In addition, with setting out to create Nano Bio Device, we proceed to develop the bio molecular sensor memory with Nanostructure Control Technology using a self-organizing function of biologically-relevant molecule and cloning and to research a physicality in nano domain with a scanned probe microscope.We will develop the field of new ‘Bioxide Electronics’ with fusing together these oxide technology and bio technology.

Fusion Bioelectronics & Biophotonics by Nanoscience

We study the interdisciplinary researches of bio-electronics and photonics by learning "from" and "about" organism. Nano-scale controlled devices using human friendly oxide semiconductors are effective devices for low/non invasion and specific detection of pathological targets. A new method based on THz-spectroscopy is also studied for direct detection of cancer cells and/or hydration states of bio related materials.
・Non-invasive diagnositc system by terahertz spectroscopy and imaging,
Non-labeled sensing for bio-related molecules, cells and tissues
・Cell chips and nano-pharmacological sensors by quantum effect and plasmon
・Ultra-high sensitive Magneto Cardiographic and Magneto Encephalographic monitoring by Spin Wave (Magnon) interference quantum measurement techniques
・Health condition real time monitoring by wearable sensors and Temporal-spatial control of cell differentiation by nano-controlled devices