Access to Tabata/Matsui/Seki Laboratory

Professor Tabata's room

Room 552, Building No.5, School of Engineering and room 102A4, Building No.2, School of Engineering

Associate Professor Matsui and students room

Room 546, Building No.5,School of Engineering

Assistant Professor Yamahara and students room

Room 548,550, Building No.5,School of Engineering

Associate Professor Seki and students room

Room 306, Building No.12,School of Engineering

School of Engineering Building No.12 is located on the Asano Campus 【Access and Campus Maps(UTokyo)】

Nearest Stations

  • Nezu Station (Subway Chiyoda Line) 5 minutes' walk from the exit No.1.(To Building No.12)
  • Todaimae Station (Subway Namboku Line) 5 minutes' walk from the exit No.1.(To Building No.5)

Access from Ochanomizu Station (JR Chuo Line, JR Sobu Line)

  • Subway Chiyoda Line(for Toride)⇒get off at Nezu Station
  • Toei Bus 学07 for the University of Tokyo⇒get off at Todai-Konai stops
  • Toei Bus 茶51 for Komagome Station South Exit, or 東43 for Arakawa-dote ⇒ get off at Todai Main Gate
  • Subway Marunouchi Line (for Ikebukuro)⇒get off at Hongo-sanchome