We research the spectroscopic imaging for biologically-relevant molecule using the terahertz (THz) range imaging instrument. Especially, we proceed to develop getting living matter information by the THz range imaging in the disaster situation. We accumulate the usable basic data in the THz range when we explore survivors in the disaster situation and we aim to established the basic technology of the remote imaging for living matter.

About What Teraheltz Light is

The terahertz wave is seated between electric wave and light wave, or band between millimeter wave and infrared ray, and atypical light and electromagnetic wave combined behavior both electric wave and light wave. It has the high special resolution bearing high frequency over single figure alongside of macro wave range and quasi-millimeter range electromagnetic wave. And its wavelength is longer alongside of infrared ray and visible light, so it has the characteristics as small scattering caused by dust, fog or flame in transmission.

Terahertz time-domain spectroscopic imaging system

The Terahertz wave technologies of protecting for the safety and security of food

Amino Acid Monomer and Dimer, Optical Isomer

Enhancement of Terahertz Wave using molecule

Development of theQuantum Dot Enhanced THz Spectroscopy for the Nano Scale Food

Application in the field of food and agriculture(Monomer/Dimer, Optical Isomer Differentiation)

THz Spectroscopy and Imaging