As conventional Neumann-type computers approach their limits, we are researching devices that hold the key to a new concept of brain-mimicking computers that will realize the ultra-low-power consumption and massively parallel computing that will support Beyond AI and 6G and beyond. In particular, he studies spin-wave (magnon) devices that do not involve electron transport (no Joule heat loss) and utilize angular momentum propagation for information transfer and processing. We are also researching brainmorphic and reservoir computing using spin fluctuation devices, caused by the fact that the mathematical expression of information processing in the brain, the Hamiltonian formula, is the same as that of s spin glass, which is a physical property of spin "fluctuation. In addition, we are also conducting research on magnonics devices operated using ultra-low power-driven elastic wave (phonon) by the spin wave-piezoelectric surface acoustic wave combination.

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