The frequencies in the terahertz waveband match the resonance frequencies of intermolecular bonds and hydrogen bonds.Highly sensitive sensing by the double resonance of "intermolecular vibrational resonance" and "surface plasmon resonance."In addition, the relativistic Fermi resonance, which is characteristic of topological insulators, transition metal chalcogenides, graphene, etc., can be used to detect the resonance frequency of the surface plasmon.High electron mobility (low energy loss) due to massless relativistic Fermi particlesHigh electron mobility (low energy loss) due to relativistic Fermi particles with zero mass, andHigh sensitivity and low power consumption spin sensing by magnon (spin) x phonon (dipole) resonance with Dirac electron plasmon will be realized, enabling non-fluorescent molecular modification (non-labeling) detection of immune responses, molecular recognition, and specific binding, which will be applied to non-invasive pathological diagnostic techniques. This technology is expected to be applied to non-invasive diagnostic methods.

Related site:Optics Letters, 46(16) 3897-3900 (2021)