In the past, the relationship between body gas and health status was known as olfactory diagnosis, which depended on the physician's intuition and experience, and was difficult to quantify objectively. We are developing an ultra-sensitive electronic nose (E-Nose) technology to elucidate the correlation between health conditions and body gases. It is also expected to detect viruses.

  1. Selective concentration of body gas using functional porous material (zeolite).
  2. The concentrated gas is measured using an oxide semiconductor with a controlled nanostructure. This combined function achieves an ultra-sensitivity of 1 ppb (parts per billion) to 1 ppt (parts per trillion). Oxide semiconductor core-shell nanorods with a two-layer structure (adsorption layer/detection layer) in the gas detection area, and self-assembled nanowire gas sensors by biomineralization of genetically modified mosaic virus templates are being studied.

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