We aim to discover the principle by self-organized program with hierarchically-controlled spatially and create the artificial biological information materials with its principle and its device application.Especially, our priority research object is the biological molecule as typified by DNA and protein, we proceed the basic research of Nano Bio Device using the technology of oxide biological for the implementation of biotip with each biological information including genetic code that is able to provide the nice and cozy life circle suited for single individuals.

Development of Nano Medical Sensor using vital affinity ZnO nanorod

ZnO is the one of typical transparent semiconductor materials and has characteristics bearing the relatively high vital affinity.We aim to develop the high sensitivity Nano Medical Sensor treating each cells as reaction containers  with ZnO nanostructure.

Pulse Laser Deposition technique and Vapor-Liquid-Solid process(VLS)

Minimally Cell Membrane Hole Drilling Method

Nano Medical Sencor using ZnO nanorod FET