We carry out basic research for new reality developed by the phase coexistence and fluctuations creating magnetic materials and ferroelectrics artificial lattices including spin glass, relaxor and photon magnetic materials to target the strongly-correlated system materials expected as the core materials in the future electronics.

Room-temperature mega photomagnetism of ferrioxide thin film

Regular in figure of spin innovating the spin frustration and randomness using the artificial lattice method

・Fulfillment of the spin freezing temperature beyond the room temperature
・Glass meltdown by the light, photomagnetism

・Changing magnetism at ultrahigh speed on the femtosecond time scale

To application of the memory of writing scheme by light direct (photon mode) instead of the existing memory of writing scheme by heat

Expression of the relaxor phenomenon by the nanostructure control

  • Control of the combined electric dipole mutual effect at the atomic level by creating the artificial lattice using the laser MBE method
  • Expression of the relaxor facet decreasing with the degree of order
  • Implementation of 100 times more permittivity of the ferroelectric BaTi3

Important basic knowledge for complete breakthrough of the relaxor expression mechanism was obtained

To application of the brain form device using the dipole fluctuation

The development of future electron devices using the fluctuation