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Original Papers

Control of dipole properties in high-k and SiO2 stacks on Si substrates with tricolor superstructure
   L. D. Anh, N. Okamoto, M. Seki, H. Tabata, M. Tanaka, and S. Ohya
    :Scientific Reports, 7, 8715(1-7) (2017)

Reduction of the magnetic dead layer and observation of tunneling magnetoresistance in La0.67Sr0.33MnO3-based heterostructures with a LaMnO3 layer
   T. Matou, K. Takeshima, L. D. Anh, M. Seki, H. Tabata, M. Tanaka, and S. Ohya
    :Appl. Phys. Lett., 110(21), 212406(1-4) (2017)

Highly sensitive SERS analysis of the cyclic Arg–Gly–Asp peptide ligands of cells using nanogap antennas
   A.Portela, T.Yano, C.Sntschi, O.J.F.Martubm, H. Tabata and M.Hara
    :J.Biophotonics, 10(2), 294-302 (2017)

Review Paper

生体ゆらぎ物性とエレクトロニクスとの融合(Electronics inspired by the fluctuation of biosystem)
   田畑 仁(H.Tabata)
    :応用物理(OYO BUTURI)、86(1)、12-24 (2017)

雑音が叶える未来の省エネルギー(特別寄稿)(New dreamed low energy consumption realized by noise effect)
   田畑 仁(H.Tabata)
    :NTT DOCOMO テクニカル・ジャーナル(NTT DOCOMO Technical Journal)、24(4)、4-5、(2017)


Studies on semiconducting gas sensors with WO3 nanoparticles for skin-emitted acetone detection
   Y. Yamada, S. Hiyama, H. Tabata
    :IEICE Technical report, 117(101), 9-13 (2017)

International Conferences

「(Invited)THz-TDS Combined with Metamaterials for Detecting Hydration State of Bio Related System
   H. Tabata
    :MTSA 2017&TeraNano-8, Okayama Convention Center, Okayama, 2017.11.21

(Keynote)Phonon and Magnon Properties of Gradient Strain Introduced Garnet Ferrite Oxide Thin Films
   H. Tabata
    :18th US-Japan Seminar on Dielectric and Piezoelectric Ceramics, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 2017.11.7

High Performance Top-Gate Zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistor (ZnO TFT) by Combination of Post Oxidation and Annealing
   K. Kato, H. Matsui, H. Tabata, M. Takenaka, S. Takagi
    :2017 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials(SSDM2017), Sendai International Center, Sendai, 2017.9.20

Strong coupling of spin and dipole in strain gradient hetero-structured garnet thin films
   H.Tabata, H.Yamahara, A.Katogi, R.Kikuchi, A.Katogi, H.Sato
    :International Symposium on Hybrid Quantum Systems 2017 (HQS2017), Zao, Miyagi, 2017.9.13

Reflective heat-insulating applications using transparent oxide semiconductors based on plasmonic hybridizations
   H. Matsui, T. Hasebe and H. Tabata
    :JSAP-OSA Joint Symposia 2017, Fukuoka Convention Center, Fukuoka, 2017.9.5

Mechano-plasmonic control at internanoparticle gaps based on doped oxide semiconductors
   H. Matsui and H. Tabata
    :The 24th Congress of the International Commission for Optics, Keio plaza hotel, Tokyo, 2017.8.23

(Keynote) Spin Fluctuated Garnet Ferrites for Brain Mimetic Memory Devices
   H. Tabata, M. Adachi, H. Yamahara, M. Seki
    :IUMRS-ICM 2017(the 15th International Conference on Advanced Materials), Kyoto, Japan, 2017.8.28

High Resolved Bio-signal Monitoring by Oxide Semiconducting and THz Wave Techniques
   H. Tabata
    : UT-SNU Workshop, Seoul, Korea, 2017.7.31

(Keynote) New electronic devices for low power consumption by learning from bio system
   H. Tabata
    :The 14th International Symposium on Sputtering and Plasma Processes (ISSP2017),
    Kanazawa, Japan, 2017.7.7

(Keynote) Ferrite Oxide Engineering for Solar Energy Harvesting and Spin-based Electronics
    :The Core-to-Core Workshop, INSA, Lyon, France, 2017.7.8

(Invited) Noble functionalities created by "Yuragi/Fluctuation" in strongly correlated electron compounds
   H. Tabata
    :2017 Asia-Pacific Workshop on Fundamentals and Applications of Advanced Semiconductor Devices, (AWAD 2017), Gyeongju, Korea, 2017.7.4

(Poster) Terahertz Wave-TDS Technique combined with Metamaterials for the Biomedical Application
   N. Uematsu, T. Endo, H. Tokaji, S. Kawabe, T. Hasebe, Y. Yamada and H. Tabata
    :9th International Conference on Molecular Electronics and Bio Electronics(M&BE9),
    Kanazawa, Japan, 2017.6.26

(Invited) Oxide Electronics and Ferroelectrics – Their History and Relations –(酸化物エレクトロニクスと強誘電体 ‐歴史的経緯とその関わり‐)
    :The 34th Meeting on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications(FMA34), Kyoto, Japan, 2017.6.1

Functional Hybridised Oxide Semiconducting Sensors for Wearable Health Condition Monitoring
   H. Tabata
    :2017 Tsinghua University-University of Tokyo Joint Symposium on Multidiscipline, Beijing, China, 2017.4.15

(Poster) Photo anode and photo cathode properties based on iron oxide semiconductors
   H. Tabata, M. Seki, H. Yamahara, and B. Zhang
    :2017 International Conference on Artificial Photosynthesis (ICARP2017), Kyoto, Japan, 2017.3.3


薄膜・表面物理分科会 奨励賞(Young Researcher Award, Thin Film and Surface Physics Division)」2017.3
   山原 弘靖(H. Yamahara)
   受賞論文:”Spin-glass behaviors in carrier polarity controlled Fe3-xTixO4 semiconductor thin films”, J. Appl. Phys. 118 (6) 063905 (2015)