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Original Papers

「Reduced dead layers and magnetic anisotropy change in La2/3 Sr1/3 MnO3 membranes released from an SrTiO3 substrate」
   Takuma Arai,Shingo Kaneta-Takada, Le Duc Anh, Masaki Kobayashi, Munetoshi Seki, Hitoshi Tabata, Masaaki Tanaka, Shinobu Ohya
    :Applied Physics Letters, 124(6) 062403(1-6) (2024)


Original Papers

「Analysis of SAR ADC Performance Enhancement Utilizing Stochastic Resonance」
   Ryoya Shibata, Yasushi Hotta, Hitoshi Tabata, and Tetsuya Iizuka
    :IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems--II: Express Briefs, 70(12) 4324-4328 (2023)

「Real-time detection of acetone gas molecules at ppt levels in an air atmosphere using a partially suspended graphene surface acoustic wave skin gas sensor」
   Haolong Zhou, Sankar Ganesh Ramaraj, Kaijie Ma, Md Shamim Sarker, Zhiqiang Liao, Siyi Tang, Hiroyasu Yamahara and Hitoshi Tabata
    :Nanoscale Advances, 5, 6999-7008 (2023)

「SnO2–CuO heterostructured nanofibers for enhanced NH3-gas-sensing performance and potential application in breath analysis」
   Chuanlai Zang, Kaijie Ma, Yasuo Yano,Shuowei Li, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Munetoshi Seki,Tetsuya Iizuka and Hitoshi Tabata
    :IEEE Sensors Journal, 23(16) 17925-17931 (2023)

「Enhancing Performance of Convolutional Neural Network-based Epileptic Electroencephalogram Diagnosis by Asymmetric Stochastic Resonance」
   Zhuozheng Shi, Zhiqiang Liao and Hitoshi Tabata
    :IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 27(9) 4228-4239 (2023)

「Giant Spin-Valve Effect in Planar Spin Devices Using an Artificially Implemented Nanolength Mott-Insulator Region」
   Tatsuro Endo, Shun Tsuruoka, Yuriko Tadano, Shingo Kaneta-Takada, Yuichi Seki, Masaki Kobayashi, Le Duc Anh, Munetoshi Seki, Hitoshi Tabata, Masaaki Tanaka, Shinobu Ohya
    :Advanced Materials, 2300110(1-8) (2023)

「Electronic nose based on multiple electrospinning nanofibers sensor array and application in gas classification」
   Chuanlai Zang, Haolong Zhou, Kaijie Ma, Yasuo Yano,Shuowei Li, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Munetoshi Seki,Tetsuya Iizuka and Hitoshi Tabata
    :Frontiers in Sensors, 4, 1-8 (2023)

「Reconfigurable logical stochastic resonance in a hyperbolic one-site lattice with variable-barrier potential」
   Zhiqiang Liao, Keying Huang, Siyi Tang, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Munetoshi Seki, Hitoshi Tabata
    :Results in Physics, 49, 106469(1-9) (2023)

「Short-term memory capacity analysis of Lu3Fe4Co0.5Si0.5O12-based spin cluster glass towards reservoir computing」
   Zhiqiang Liao, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Kenyu Terao, Kaijie Ma, Munetoshi Seki, Hitoshi Tabata
    :Scientific Reports, 13, 5260(1-11) (2023)

「Reconfigurable magnon interference by on-chip dynamic wavelength conversion」
   Md Shamim Sarker, Lihao Yao, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Kaijie Ma, Zhiqiang Liao, Kenyu Terao, Siyi Tang, Sankar Ganesh Ramaraj, Munetoshi Seki, Hitoshi Tabata
    :Scientific Reports, 13, 4872(1-9) (2023)


Original Papers

「Giant spin-to-charge conversion at an all-epitaxial single-crystal-oxide Rashba interface with a strongly correlated metal interlayer」
   Shingo Kaneta-Takada, Miho Kitamura, Shoma Arai, Takuma Arai, Ryo Okano, Le Duc Anh, Tatsuro Endo, Koji Horiba, Hiroshi Kumigashira, Masaki Kobayashi, Munetoshi Seki, Hitoshi Tabata, Masaaki Tanaka and Shinobu Ohya
    :Nature Communications, 13, 5631(1-8) (2022)

「Quadstable logical stochastic resonance-based reconfigurable Boolean operation subjected to heavy noise floor」
   Zhiqiang Liao, Kaijie Ma, Md Shamim Sarker, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Munetoshi Seki, Hitoshi Tabata
    :Results in Physics, 42, 105968(1-9) (2022)

「Sensitivity enhancement in magnetic sensor using CoFeB/Y3Fe5O12 resonator」
Md Shamim Sarker, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Lihao Yao, Siyi Tang, Zhiqiang Liao, Munetoshi Seki and Hitoshi Tabata
    :Scientific Reports, 12, 11105(1-8) (2022)

「Boosting learning ability of overdamped bistable stochastic resonance system based physical reservoir computing model by time-delayed feedback」
Zhuozheng Shi, Zhiqiang Liao, Hitoshi Tabata
    :Chaos Solitons & Fractals, 161, 112314(1-11) (2022)

「Carrier injection behaviors from a band semiconductor to strongly correlated electron system in perovskite lanthanum vanadate/silicon junctions」
Yasushi Hotta, Ryoichi Nemoto, and Keisuke Muranushi, Yujun Zhang and Hiroki Wadati, Keita Muraoka, Hiroshi Sakanaga, and Haruhiko Yoshida, Koji Arafune, Hitoshi Tabata
    :Appl. Phys. Lett., 120, 232106(1-7) (2022)

「Nonbistable rectified linear unit-based gain-dissipative Ising spin network with stochastic resonance effect」
Zhiqiang Liao, Kaijie Ma, Siyi Tang, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Munetoshi Seki, Hitoshi Tabata
    :Journal of Computational Science, 62, 101722(1-7) (2022)

「Intervalence charge transfer and charge transport in the spinel ferrite ferromagnetic semiconductor Ru-doped CoFe2O4」
Masaki Kobayashi, Munetoshi Seki, Masahiro Suzuki, Ryo Okano, Miho Kitamura, Koji Horiba, Hiroshi Kumigashira, Atsushi Fujimori, Masaaki Tanaka, and Hitoshi Tabata
    :Phys. Rev. B, 105, 205103(1-6) (2022)

「Near-zero-index slabs on Bloch surface wave platform for long-range directional couplers and optical logic gates」
Chih-Zong Deng, Ya-Lun Ho, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Hitoshi Tabata, Jean-Jacques Delaunay
    :ACS Nano, 16(2), 2224–2232 (2022)

「Aluminum-black silicon plasmonic nano-eggs structure for deep-UV surface-enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy」
Bo-Wei LIN, Yi-Hsin Tai, Yang-Chun Lee, Di Xing, Hsin-Chang Lin, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Ya-Lun Ho, Hitoshi Tabata, Hirofumi Daiguji, and Jean-Jacques Delaunay
    :Appl. Phys. Lett., 120, 051102(1-5) (2022)

「Multifrequency Spin-Wave Propagation for Parallel Data Processing using Microstructured Yttrium Iron Garnet Thin Films」
   Md Shamim Sarker, Shumpei Nakamura, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Munetoshi Seki, Hitoshi Tabata
    :IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 58(2), 4300706(1-6) (2022)

「Characterization of Hydrogen Bond Network of Waters around Polyethylene Glycol by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy」
   Junru Hu, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Zhiqiang Liao, Yasuo Yano, Hitoshi Tabata
    :Appl. Phys. Lett., 120(2), 023702(1-6) (2022)

「Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopic Analysis toward Characterization of Hydration State and Bioprotective Superiority of Trehalose」
   Junru Hu, Zhiqiang Liao, Yasuo Yano, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Hitoshi Tabata
    :The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 126(3), 708–715 (2022)

「Quantum Analog Annealing of Gain-dissipative Ising Machine Driven by Colored Gaussian Noise」
   Zhiqiang Liao, Kaijie Ma, Md Shamim Sarker, Siyi Tang, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Munetoshi Seki, Hitoshi Tabata
    :Advanced Theory and Simulations, 5, 2100497(1-11) (2022)

「Low-power-consumption physical reservoir computing model based on overdamped bistable stochastic resonance system」
   Zhiqiang Liao, Zeyu Wang, Hiroyasu Yamahara, Hitoshi Tabata
    :Neurocomputing, 468, 137-147 (2022)

International Conferences

「(Keynote)Functional Oxides as a Treasure Box of Oxide Electronics」
   H. Tabata
   :35th International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference (MNC2022), Tokushima, Japan, 2022.11.8-11

「(Invited)Terahertz Plasmonics for Bio-Medical Application」
   H. Tabata
   :ICO-25 and OWLS-16, Dresden, Germany, 2022.9.5

「(Poster)THz Surface Plasmon Resonance and ARPES in Dirac Electron System of Topological Insulator Bi2(Se,Te)3 Thin Films」
   H. Sugimoto, K. Nishimura, R. Okano, M. Kitamura, K. Sugawara, S. Souma, K. Nakayama, T. Sato, M. Kobayashi, and H. Tabata
   :The 29th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Sapporo, Japan, 2022.8.21

「Non-labeling Bio-detection by Terahertz Surface Plasmon Resonance of Dirac Electron System using Topological Insulator of Bi2(Se, Te)3 Thin Films」
   H. Sugimoto, K. Nishimura, H. Tabata
   :Mac-UoT-UT Workshop2022, Canada, 2022.6.21

「Oxide-Based Plasmonic Arrays for Biosensing Platforms in Mid-Infrared Range Coupling of Surface Plasmon and Lattice Resonances」
   S. Ma, I. Ando, Y. Shimoda, J. Yang, H. Yoshida, H. Tabata, H. Matsui
   :OPIC2022, Yokohama, Japan, 2022.4.20

「(Keynote)Nano Structural Controlled Functional Oxide Thin Films Learning from Bio-systems」
   H. Tabata
   :ISPlasma2022/ IC-PLANTS2022, Online, 2022.3.7