Tabata/Matsui/Seki Laboratory|Departmnt of Bioengineering /Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

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Tabata/Matsui/Seki laboratory welcomes applications for admission from students.
Our under graduate program takes care of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and our graduate programs fall under the School of Engineering's 「Department of Bioengineering」 as well as 「Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems(EEIS)」. For going to Tabata/Matsui/Seki Laboratory will be required to take an exam either for Department of Bio Engineering or Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems.

If you are interested in joining our lab, please feel free to contact us for a labtour or with inquiries about admissions.


Hitoshi Tabata

Associate professor

Hiroaki Matsui

Associate professor

Munetoshi Seki


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