Tabata/Matsui/Seki Laboratory|Departmnt of Bioengineering /Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

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School of Engineering Building No.12
Room 209 Prof. Tabata’s Office
Room 207 Assoc. prof. Matsui and Student room
Room 205B Assistant prof. Yamahara and Student room
Room 306 Assoc. prof. Seki and Student room
Room 320 Sample Preparation Room/Nano Physical Properties Evaluation Room
Room 322 Nano-Bio laboratory
Building No.10, School of Engineering
Room 270 Artificial Laice Formation Room
Room 290 Nanostructure Evaluation Room
Shared facilities
School of Engineering Building No.12, 4F Center for NanoBio Integration
Takeda Building 1-3F Super clean room