Project outline

Electronic and photonic technology are ubiquitous in our environment. A key factor in the development of these technologies has been the miniaturization of electronic devices and the scaling rule, which enables adaption to the expansion of information.

As conventional technology requires a large amount of energy and environmental resources, alternative energy-generation techniques is a critical subject for energy saving and environmental harmonization.

The aim of this project is the establishment and comprehensive operation of a global co-operative research hub that exploits cutting-edge technology to enable mass energy saving using nano-electric photonics with a focus on dissipative yuragi (noise) as a new guiding-principle alternative to the scaling rule.

Dissipative yuragi involves the formation of various physical quantity yuragi state from the breakage of spatial symmetry during the stabilization of the energy of an open system.

Conventionally, it is thought that dissipative yuragi should be avoided. As a reversal of this conception, by constructively utilizing yuragi, we aim to develop an innovative technology for mass energy-saving and to elucidate a new fundamental concept of nano-electric photonics.